Top Attractions in the Omo Valley

The Omo Valley located in the deep South-West Ethiopia is notably known for its rich tribal attractions, so intense that it has also been dubbed by National Georgraphic Magazine as ‘The Last Frontier’! A combination of visits to these tribal areas as well as wildlife sighting in various National Parks and appealing varied landscapes allows a traveler to have a multi-angled exposure to attractions in this region.

The Lower Omo Valley, bordering with Kenya and South Sudan and accessible through the Rift Valley Lakes and further South through Arbaminch town allows one to visit a couple of National Parks (Omo / Mago / Nech Sar / Chebera Churchura National Parks) where one will be able to see a variety of wildlife. Further South-West, one will be able to see various tribes notable for their authentic cultural appeals – Dorze, Konso, Tsemai, Arbore, Hamer, Dassanatch, Mursi, Bodi, Borena tribes. A couple of these tribes having settled on the banks of the Omo River, one will also be able to see and cross the river with traditional wooden canoe boats.

The Upper Omo Valley, is a far-off remote region that is accessible via the Gibe Gorge, Jimma and Mizan Teferi, bordering with South Sudan and Kenya. Visit to this remote region allows a traveler to visit the Suri (also known as Surma), Annuak, Nuer, Dizi, Menit and Nyangatom tribes. With Omo National Park located in this region, one can also have the opportunity to see a variety of wildlife. With limited infrastructure in these parts, camping nights will be the norm of the day!

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Best Season:All year round Except July, August and Early September
Popular Location: The Lower Omo Valley and The Upper Omo Valley

Tours in the Omo Valley

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