Tourist Destinations in Northern Ethiopia

More than anywhere else on Earth, Northern Ethiopia has the ability to wow you day after day after day. Known as the ‘Historical Circuit’, there are over two millennia’s worth of ancient treasures scattered about, from giant obelisks and hidden tombs at Aksum to a collection of Castles in and around Gonder, to unique churches in Lalibela, Tigray, Lake Tana (Bahir Dar) and many other places. In other words, the North of Ethiopia is where one will discover a completely different Africa with monuments that speak of an ancient civilization which can be compared with the Greek and Roman civilizations, 17th century castles where kings lived in excessive
luxury, playing their political games and also innumerable rock hewn churches, hidden jewels in the rough landscape of Tigray.

Not to be outdone by human mastery, Mother Nature really let her creative juices flow here.The Danakil Depression, an esteemed destination among adventure travelers, features a permanent lava lake and a bright-yellow sulphuric plain, while the Simien Mountains wrinkle the land with canyons and peaks with a beauty you’ll struggle to find anywhere else in Africa.

The well-defined ‘Historical Circuit’ through Northern Ethiopia forms the core of the country’s tourist industry. It is probably no exaggeration to say that 90% of travelers to Ethiopia base the bulk of their itinerary around this circuit.

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Best Season:All year round except late July, August and early September
Popular Location: Bahirdar, Gondar, Lalibela, Axum, Simien Mountain

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8 Days North Ethiopia

8 Days

An eight days historic tour to the northern lands of Ethiopia. The route covers Lalibela, Gondar, Awramba Village, Blue Nile falls, Woldeya, Kombolcha, Debrebirhan and Bahirdar.An eight days historic tour to the northern lands of Ethiopia. The route covers Lalibela,…

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